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Chapter 1:

eVal Valuation Workbook

• Lundholm and Sloan website

Chapter 2:

EDGAR website

Listing of SEC Forms website

economic indicators from Council of Economic Advisors website

• economic calendar

The complete GICS system website industry analysis

WRDS website

• Lundholm and Sloan website

Chapter 3:

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Congressional Budget Office Economic Projections

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Salesforce 2017 Fiscal Year Form 10-K from SEC's Edgar Database website

The complete GICS system

Chapter 4:

Treasury Yield Curve's Fiscal 2017 Financial Statements on Form 10-K from EDGAR

Chapter 5:

eVal software

Hoover’s website

Chapter 6:

WorldCom’s Form 10-K

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Congressional Budget Office

Conference Board

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Chapter 9:


Chapter 10:

Money-zine option calculator

Maxi-Pedia option calculator

Chapter 11:



Wikipedia on the PEG ratio

Chapter 12: